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Idiom #5
by Lai, Andrea - Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 7:55 AM

You're probably already familiar with the words "quickly," or "immediately," or even "instantly," but have you heard of the phrase "at the drop of a hat"? 

It means to do something immediately or instantly, without stopping to think.

When you drop your hat, you react right away: "Oh no!" You wouldn't want something that you usually wear on your head to be on the ground, so you try to pick it up right away. 

Some of our teachers will laugh at the drop of a hat. They find lots of things funny and react instantly.

Is there anything that you do at the drop of a hat?

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Just Canadian Things #1
by Lai, Andrea - Monday, 19 March 2018, 9:19 PM

One famous TV show that Canadians used to watch was called The Littlest Hobo.

The TV series featured (was about) a German shepherd (a type of dog) who traveled from place to place.

People called him a hobo because he was homeless and was always traveling. He never stopped to live in one place for long.

Listen to part of his theme song here!

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Idiom #4
by Lai, Andrea - Friday, 16 March 2018, 1:35 PM

When we are already in a bad situation and it gets worse, the feeling is similar to someone who adds insult to injury, by yelling at someone when they're already injured.

For example, let's say you slept really late because you were studying for a test.

Then, in the morning, as if life added insult to injury, you weren't able to buy breakfast at the cafeteria because you slept in, so you were hungry all morning.

Grammar check: If you're using this idiom, make sure you're using the right form of the verb add!