Optimal Learning Essentials Course Synopsis: The purpose of Optimal Learning Essentials 10 is to develop informed, empowered and competent learners. Students are guided through a series of virtual and face to face learning experiences designed to provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to become more effective and focused students, able to function in any learning environment. Students will be given the opportunity to discover who they are as learners, and to maximize their study habits, and in-class performance. OLE 10 uses an integrated mind-body approach which recognizes that students do learn better if they are treated as a whole beings, rather than fragmenting their learning into a series of disconnected, subject specific learning experiences. OLE 10 places students in charge of their own learning with the experiences, as laid out in the core competencies, carefully scaffolded and firmly embedded in good instruction. The teacher comes alongside the student to support, guide and facilitate the learning.

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